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Thursday, February 26, 2004
GREENSPAN IS THE MAN!!!!!!! Everywhere in the liberal blogosphere (example, Atrios and Hesiod are bemoaning the fact that Greenspan APPEARS to be supporting the Presiden't tax cuts, whilst at the same time supporting a cut in social security benefits. The shock, the horror. This would be a terrible thing. Really? Josh Marshall appears to be getting the point, but let me make it explicit.

Remember those promises about having your tax cut and your social security benefits as well? Well, Greenspan, by earnestly supporting the administration, has shown that we CANNOT have our cake and eat it to. That means that the tax cuts are a major issue in November. Not because its about the economy, but because its about whether I will get my benefits when I retire. If I am 40, working or middle class, I am pissed. Watch the support amongst middle-aged males (a current strength) collapse.

SUMMARY: We should be thanking Greespan, not haranguing him. The man is a politically savvy dude-ain't he? How can he point out the consequences of the tax cuts? Support them, and make the choice to support them explicit. Just watch Republican congressfolks and senators try explaining tax cuts to the rich paid for with their constituents' deferred social security savings. Do you want to be a fly on that wall?

Greenspan, you're the man!
Greenspan, you're the man!
Greenspan, you're the man!

(Repeat as necessary)

OUTRAGEOUS PREDICTION: Tax hike for the rich coming up! Before November!
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