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Sunday, February 08, 2004
I HEAR VOICES... Well, the President gave his interview. Trying to look at it with unjaundiced eyes (difficult I know), he appeared ill at ease on Iraq & WMDs, happier on the economy, and ill at ease again on the AWOL issue, though the "don't laugh at the fine men of the National Guard" line was a lovely bit of misdirection. What caught my eye was this exchange:

"Russert: ... Why not say, I will not cut taxes any more until we have balanced the budget? If our situation is so precious and delicate because of the war, why do you keep cutting taxes and draining money from the treasury?

President Bush: Well, because I believe that the best way to stimulate economic growth is to let people keep more of their own money. And I believe that if you raise taxes as the economy is beginning to recover from really tough times, you will slow down economic growth. You will make it harder.

See, I'm more worried about the fellow looking for the job. That's what I'm worried about. I want people working. I want people to find work. And so, when we stimulate the economy, it's more likely that person is going to find work. And the best way to stimulate the economy is not to raise taxes but to hold the low taxes down.

Russert: How about no more tax cuts until the budget is balanced?

President Bush: Well, that's a hypothetical question which I can't answer to you because I don't know how strong the economy is going to be.

I mean, the President must keep all options on the table, but I do know that raising the child lowering the child credit thereby raising taxes on working families does not make sense when the economy is recovering, and that's exactly what some of them are calling for up on Capitol Hill. They want to raise taxes of the families with children, they want to increase the marriage penalty. They want to get rid of those taxes on small businesses that are encouraging the stimulation of new job creation, and I'm not going to have any of it."

Can we see the pattern here? When I read Peggy Noonan from the WSJ (via Eschaton), I have to wonder what planet she is on. What philosophy is being espoused here? What set of breath-taking intellectual activities is being juggled here? In a nutshell: the President mischaracterized Russert's question. Or misheard him (twice). If the former--that is political, not philosophical. If it is the later: Then it must have been all confusion caused by the voices Noonan reveals are conversing inside the President's head...
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