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Friday, February 06, 2004
The New York Times has Friedman warning of dire consequences in November if the Bush Administration doesn't pull it's head out of its arse. I was captivated by this:

"In Afghanistan, post-Taliban, the Bush team has started to build a moderate alternative in Hamid Karzai. In Palestine, though, it never really tried to do that, so could end up with Hamas calling the shots. In Iraq, the Bush team is trying hard to build a moderate center. But given its early missteps, its crazy decision to disband the Iraqi Army, its lack of a workable plan for a political transition and its July 1 deadline for turning over sovereignty in Baghdad to Iraqis — success is by no means assured. So we could end up there, too, with ayatollahs calling the shots or civil war. "

What fascinates me is that the Bush Administration is monumentally silly to want to pull the troops back in June or July. Why? Exactly because we will likely succeed. But what success? The very real possibility that we will get an Islamic Republic that will turn its back on the liberal democratic dream that ne0-c0ns and good liberals like Friedman and those guys at The New Republic wanted to see. If we pull out in October, then the election can happen exactly as we are going to the polls here. What better advertising for the President than a great stirring "birth of a nation" documentary featuring the moderate-rights respecting-peace loving-democratic-freedom loving-NEW Iraq! After all, we won't know that we saw the birth of a very conservative-religiously oriented-human-(women)-rights-denying-popularly-elected-US antipathetic-Civil War brewing-regime in Iraq until AFTER the election. Mr. President, please don't blow the free publicity of that wonderful documentary! Beg the UN to authorize elections in October!

SO, can you see the headlines in early November if we leave in July? Something that makes clear that the very last vestige of the excuse for this Iraq War has turned on its head?

"Saddam Stopped! Iraq Free! Theocracy Installed! President Bush Thrilled!"
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