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Monday, April 05, 2004
THE PASSION OF CONDI It would be easy to write about this after the 9/11 testimony that Dr. RIce will offer the Commission. AFter the fact we can all pontificate on whether she did a great job in defending her record, etc., but that wouldn't be very sporting. SO, I will make the claim up front, than be either right or wrong. Mea culpas to follow as needed...

Dr. Rice will end up being roughed up pretty badly from all this. She has led a relatively charmed existence from the media on her role in the pre-9/11 intelligence coordination and gathering effort. Not anymore. The failure of the Bush administration to shake out Mr. Clarke and his widely backed up claims leaves them with very few options but the obvious: To as gracefully as possible, offer Dr. Rice for sacrifice. I think she will do her duty and she will fall on her sword. At the same time she will help the Presdient as much as possible to minimize the fallout of her doing so. She will be a loyal retainer. This does not require that she resign. I think that President Bush will not ask for nor accept her resignation, but bid a fond farewell to her at the end of his four year term. If re-elected, I think he will find a new NS Advisor. Since this fits in with Dr. Rice's intentions to leave the White House at the end of the new, it will be peachy keen all round.

I admire this about the White House: There is a lot of loyalty that runs both ways there. Even as the White House gets politically damaged in all sorts of ways, it remains faithful to those it calls its own. Dr. Rice's resignation does the President no good. It would confirm that he made a mistake in appointing her to the critical position of NSA; not something you want in an election year. It has always been a strong talking point that even if the President was not "perhaps" up to speed on policy issues, his advisors (who he relied on) were. It also sends a bad message to the loyal retainers that they are in fact expendable. That is not a good situation with the White House currently under pressure from all sorts of investigations.

In any case: Dr. Rice will do a decent job holding to her position. But, if the Commission asks her substantive questions, she will be roughed up. Look for a possible mea culpa on the stand...
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