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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
EVIDENCE THAT WE ARE IN REAL TROUBLE I read the newspaper the other day, specifically our home-town paper, the Baltimore Sun, and came upon this article.

Since the case gained wide attention more than a week ago, some U.S. lawmakers have called for the prison to be closed. However, [General] Miller said plans are only to reduce the inmate population from more than 3,000 to between 1,500 and 2,000. He also described changes under way, including better training and an accelerated review-board process intended to speed more of those in detention on to court or their release.

When I read that, I have to admit that I had a moment of deja vu, back to an earlier post on that shameful prison. I can understand that the Provisional Authority and the Army want to use the prison. After all, its not like a prison springs up on any given day to take in 10,000 customers, clamouring to be let in. As much as I can accept the logic of this argument, I cannot accept the affect of that prison's existence and what it stands for. Let us be clear about this: It's Saddam's prison. It is not ours. We use it because it is convienient. I am certain that the Polish Government could use Oswiecim-Brezinka as a youth hostel as well. Great location; restful; country air; lots of open space. A new coat of paint, some sprucing up (got to take down the wire and such), and some nice new buildings would be just the touch. Who would mind? Well? Anyone? Who could possibly mind making a nice reasonable use of such a place?

I apologize for pushing this. But I want to make this clear: We are not winning any hearts OR minds with this strategy. Every day we use that prison allows Osama bin Laden and his ilk to equate the USA with another person Osama and his group hated--Saddam Hussein. Is that fair? No! But so what? That comparison will be made, and it will stick in some minds. And those minds are attached to bodies that are prepared to take action against the USA I would find that funny (in an ironic intellectual kind of way), if I wasn't crying at our stupidity...
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