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Friday, November 11, 2005
WHAT "Get a Free $500 Best Buy Gift Card!" REALLY MEANS: Checked out one of those horrid little emails that promise money or a gift card, to see what they are about. I put in the false name, the email address from mailinator the friendly disposable email company, and then followed up on what I had to do to get the money!!! This offer is from these guys and it all seems quite easy:

Basically fill in two easy offers, like making a bid on Ebay or get some Columbia house DVD's. But, its not. There is another page, with two offers to make. The second page, there are some more offers which are more expensive, and, you guessed it, another page, with more offers. Do I have to fill in two offers a page? The terms and conditions say the following, buried in mountains of legalese:

"Members must complete two (2) offers on each of the three (3) featured offers pages. To complete an offer you must use accurate information on the advertiser site. Failure to do so will results in termination of your membership and all previous completed offers will be forfeited. "

So that is the story. I have to get the free credit report and the credit card offer as well as the Ebay bid and the DVD's. But then, I have to get the car loan and the satellite TV deal as well. Now I have to get the car loan, because, there are only three offers on this page and two of them are satellite TV deals with just about the same deal. So, I hope this loan is worth it, but I have a feeling that I can do better somewhere else...

So, I will get the $500 gift card, but I had better be interested in getting a whole bunch of stuff I am not really interested in... I love capitalism!!!!!!!!
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